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Services Available

Private Consulting

I use a "Coulda-Shoulda-Woulda" approach to guide you through the process of mindful decision making and 

empowered choice. The Coulda facet helps expand your understanding about what you can do, the opportunities your material and social environment provides you. The Shoulda facet helps gain clarity about what you believe you shall (or shall not) do. These are the commitments, disciplines and moral stances that you hold. They may be useful toward achieving more important goals, or habits of action and thought that are no longer of value. Finally, through the Woulda facet, you will discover and invent what you want to do, to have and to be. This is the deep spiritual energy that animates your choices as the preferences you express through your behavior.

I will guide you to develop your decision making skills, and a plan of action, while you make personal insights. These will enable you to live life coherently, and to coalesce a world that supports your most meaningful aspirations.

Organizational Consulting

     Communities, corporations and organizations can also benefit. I will use many of the same techniques of private consulting, optimized for the greater capacity for long-term planning and mission continuity. 

Presentations and Workshops

     My workshops can be for individuals, couples, or groups/organizations, and are suitable for a corporate "lunch 

& learn" seminar, team building event, or retreat. I will also be happy to work with you to custom-design a workshop to meet the needs of your group. My offerings include:

Choosing Choice

Participants learn the basic concepts of decision making and choosing, and practice associated skills. They are encouraged to see how almost all of their actions are outcomes of choices they make, whether mindfully or habitually. (1-2 hr) A more extensive workshop is available which allows participants to delve into the deeper characteristics of a chosen life. (1-2 days)

The Eternal Mind

In this workshop, participants are asked to bring tokens from their personal past that once embodied the novelty of those moments. These are used, in small groups, to create temporal maps that enable individuals to connect with an eternal perspective. Often this is enough that participants have breakthroughs in how they see the world and the roles they have played. (2-3 hr) 


I proved instruction in Holonomics through a series of bi-weekly classes. Introductory classes go over the basics of 

holistic economic choice. This includes topics such as the four aspects of choice, time and choice, the ways we choose, and relational choice. Advance classes will challenge students to master both the rational and spiritual skills that empower them to make more decisions for themselves, as well as more effectively trust others to make choices.

I highly recommend those considering private consulting to take these classes You will be able to more efficiently use your time and energy.


I am available to speak to your group or organization on a range of topics, such as holonomics, economic choice and well-being, and spiritual growth in an economic world. The topic and length of the talk can be customized to fit the needs of your group.

My services are not a replacement for health care professionals or financial advisors. They do provide you with tools and insights to make wiser decisions (as you understand them) around health, wealth and self. They are particularly useful for couples and social groups seeking an energizing balance between personal and relational expression. By clarifying who you are, where you are, and what you want to experience, you will gain an expanded awareness of what is possible, as well as a greater capacity to choose its realization.

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