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An Introductory Philosophy : Health, Wealth and Self

In the world we live in there are three spaces we experience: the internal, the external and the transcendental. Another way of saying these are: inside, outside and neither. As powerful beings, our choices (whether conscious or unconscious) effect the expression of these three. Management is the process of invoking conscious awareness of the world to effect the world through our the decisions and choices we make. Holistic Life Management (HLM) is founded upon the insight that our personal life is an expression of the dynamic energy within, and between, these spaces. When these three spaces are in balance there is a profound sense of well-being, flow, focus, equilibrium - whatever your preferred word may be. When the internal experiences disequilibrium we describe this as an issue of Health, external disequilibrium is an issue of Wealth, and transcendental disequilibrium is an issue of Self.

The underlying paradigm is that our reality is an amalgam of our memory and our imagination. The self, as it is expressed through spirit, determines what mix of memory and imagination is used to construct the present. We all share a common memory, the Existential Basis, of which all realities are generated through our individual imaginations. In much the same way that a computer's physical memory (which is nothing more than high and low energy states) has no meaning until it interacts with a human user, we create meaningful realities from the broader physical world. As such we have a vested interest in realities we are accustomed to, due both to being comfortable with them and having invested much of our energies in them. This leads us to being biased toward our own personal status quo, a sort of psychic inertia, for if our imaginations do co-create reality then why imagine a world where we need to do any more work? This is true for everyone (including this author), from those who seem to have no "enlightenment" to those who like to believe they are "advanced" beings. It is a labor of consciousness to take the "helm" of ones life.

The first step to HLM is developing a less biased awareness of where you are in life. This invariably requires feedback from the people who are part of your environment - they are the mirror by which you can see yourself. This is a purely practical issue. You will have great difficulty remaining in equilibrium without knowing how your environment reacts to you. If you have a friend who becomes defensive with criticism (even constructive), then any attempt to transform their behavior using that method will be futile. It would be a sub-optimal use of your time and energy to continue to be critical. Similarly, if your friend sees you as defensive it may be worth asking yourself, "how am I being that they would see me this way?" The best friend is one who will tell you when they see you hurting yourself - they may be wrong or right, yet they give you the opportunity to determine this.

The second step to HLM is developing a more empowering sense of time. Time is one of the ways we distinguish internal from external, all moments which are not the present are external. While living in the "now" is an essential element of a fulfilling life, it is important to be aware that what we do now substantially influences what is possible for us to do tomorrow. This is true for both what you will have in the way of resources and the way you are seen by others. Further, since each moment of consciousness allows our imagination to effect reality, we can effect change. The part of the universe which we call the future is none other than the part which we do not feel as memory. That which we call the past is still a construct of our imaginations, with a sense of memory to it. So, while the future is connected to the past via the present, the past does not solely determine the present and, hence, the future. And as your environment experiences this also (through you), you will find a greater power to transform your life. A deeper insight is that the "higher beings" many of us talk about can be understood as focusing on wider, and more encompassing, moments of present. This is analogous to the physical range with which differing frequencies of vibration, can be felt and experienced. Taping into the will and power of higher beings can increase the sense of purpose and scope of awareness of life.

A third step toward HLM, is a greater awareness of life energy. Health, ultimately, is the capacity to use one's own life energy to heal, maintain and grow the body (internal space). Wealth is the capacity to influence the life energy, and its embodiment, in the environment (external space). The Self is the capacity for spirit to express itself through health and wealth. And since our wealth is influenced by the Self of others, taping into a spiritual attunement with others supports a deeper life energy for all. As you become more aware of your own life energy, and the frequencies at which you vibrate, it becomes easier to distinguish how the life energy of others resonates for you.

Through HLM, you develop the ability to reason toward, feel for and intuit your flow through life. This triangulation of awareness brings with it a more accurate location of where your are, and where you can go. For those who tend to focus on the mind, there is an increased connection to the physical world, a reawakening of the beauty of being alive and the magic of spiritual manifestation. For those who tend to focus on the body, there is an increased appreciation for the power of reasoning and the expression of our higher selves. For those who tend to focus on the spiritual, there is an increase in the sense of the profound goodness of the flow and transformation of life as well as the truth which it speaks to all of us.

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